Essential Hits 63

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"Essential Hits 63 Single CD
July 2010."

"Essential Hits 63 has a massive selection of only the very best chart selections this month with 21 of the hottest tracks available. Including artists such as basshunter, Diana Vickers, Ke$ha, Florence + The Machine, Fyfe Dangerfield, Jack Johnson, Tinie Tempah, Pendulum & loads more!! Make sure you don't miss out!!Tracklisting01. B.O.B. Fe. Bruno Mars 'Nothin' On You' (Pop - BPM 102)02. Basshunter 'Saturday' (Pop/Dance - BPM 126)03. Diana Vickers 'The Boy Who Murdered Love' (Pop - BPM 124)04. Eminem 'Not Afraid' (Urban/Rap - BPM 84)05. Esmee Denters Fe. Justin Timberlake 'Love Dealer' (Urban/Dance - BPM 120)06. Florence + The Machine 'Cosmic Love' (Pop - BPM 135)07. Fyfe Dangerfield 'She's Always A Woman To Me' (Ballad - BPM 60)08. Jack Johnson 'You And Your Heart' (Radio - BPM 104)09. Josh Dubovie 'That Sounds Good To Me' (Pop - BPM 124)10. Kate Nash 'Kiss The Grrrl' (Pop - BPM 141)11. Katy Perry 'California Gurls'(Pop - BPM 122)12. Ke$ha 'Your Love Is My Drug' (Bimbo Jones Radio) (Urban/Dance - BPM 124)13. Kelis '4th Of July' (Pop/Dance - BPM 120)14. Keri Hilson 'I Like' (Jost & Grubert Radio) (Urban/Dance - BPM 120)15. LMFAO 'Yes' (Urban/Dance - BPM 124)16. Nas Fe. Damian Marley 'As We Enter'(Reggae - BPM 117)17. N-Dubz Fe. Bodyrox 'We Dance On' (Pop - BPM 75)18. Pendulum 'Witchcraft' (Drum & Bass - BPM 85/170)19. Rick Astley 'Lights Out' (Pop/Radio - BPM 126)20. Shakira Fe. Freshly Ground 'Waka Waka (This Time For Africa)' (Pop/Latin - BPM 122)21. Tinie Tempah 'Frisky' (Urban - BPM 79/158)"