Greatest Mixes - Donna Summer - Five Pack

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DMC Greatest Mixes - Donna Summer

"All 5 of our Donna Summer Releases for only £25

DMC Donna Summer 1DMCDS101. Donna Summer Megamix (DMC198)'Bad Girls''Hot Stuff''Could It Be Magic''I Feel Love''No More Tears (Enough Is Enough)'1976 Gto To 1979 CasablancaMixed By Tom NewtonRT - 9.29 BPM - 12702. Donna Summer Vs New Order (DMC152)Double Top MixDonna Summer 'I Feel Love' 1977 GTONew Order 'Blue Monday' 1983 FactoryMixed By StatikRT - 9.59 BPM - 13003. Donna SummerMelody Of Love (Wanna Be Loved) (DMCD20)1994 MercuryRemixed By Junior VasquezRT - 11.23 BPM - 12404. Donna Summer 'Hot Stuff' (DMC186)1979 CasablancaRemixed By Les HemstockRT - 5.11 BPM - 124DMC Donna Summer 2DMCDS201. Classic Donna Summer Minimix (DMC142)'Love To Love You Baby''I Feel Love''Love'S Unkind''MacaRThur Park''Hot Stuff''Bad Girls''No More Tears (Enough Is Enough)'1976 Gto To 1979 CasablancaMixed By StatikRT - 23.10BPM - 96 To 13502. Donna Summer & Barbara Streisand'No More Tears (Enough Is Enough)' (DMC211)P. 1979 CasablancaRemixed By Rod Layman For Rkl ProductionsRT - 5.58BPM - 13503. Donna Summer 'State Of Independence' (DMC224)(T-Empo Remix)1982 Warner BrothersRemixed By T-EmpoRT - 6.25BPM - 8504. Donna Summer 'I Feel Love' (DMC 2012 Mix)(Hi Nrg Synthminx Remix)1977 GTORemixed By Steve Franklin For Synthminx ProductionsRT - 5.48 BPM - 126DMC Donna Summer 3DMCDS301. Donna Summer Megamix (DMC60)'Down Deep Inside''Hot Stuff''Bad Girls''On The Radio''I Feel Love''Rumour Has It''Love Is In Control (Finger On The Trigger)''MacaRThur Park''She Works Hard For The Money''No More Tears (Enough Is Enough)''Sunset People'1977 Gto To 182 Warner Brothers To 1983 MercuryMixed By DakeyneRT - 12.59 BPM - 120 To 14202. David Cassidy Vs Donna Summer (DMC28)'Romance Lovemix'David Cassidy 'Romance (Let Your HeaRT Go)' 1985 AristaDonna Summer 'Once Upon A Time' 1977 CasablancaDonna Summer 'Love To Love You Baby' 1976 GtoMixed By Sanny XRT - 6.00 BPM - 9903.Donna Summer 'I Feel Love' (DMC153 Remix Culture)1977 GtoRemixed By Masters At WorkRT.7.30BPM - 12504.Donna Summer And Barbara Streisand'No More Tears (Enough Is Enough) (DMC277)'Rkls Club'N'Dub Mix Parts 1 & 2'1979 CasablancaRemixed By Rod Layman For Rkl ProductionRT - 9.47 BPM - 13505.Donna Summer 'MacaRThur Park' (DMC Re-Edit)1978 CasablancaRe-Edit By ShowstoppersRT - 6.41BPM - 135DMC Donna Summer 4DMCds401.Donna Summer 'Bad Girls' (DMC196)'The Celebrated Style Gurus Remix'1979 CasablancaRemix & Additional Production By The Celebrated Style GurusRT.6.37 BPM - 12702.Donna Summer Vs Kelly Llorena (DMC255)'This Time Mix'Donna Summer 'This Time I Know It'S For Real' 1989 Warner BrothersKelly Llorenna 'This Time I Know It'S For Real' 2003 All Around The WorldRemixed By David Inns & David EvansRT - 5.23 BPM - 12703.Donna Summer 'Love To Love You Baby' (DMC169)'Love 2 Love U Mix'1976 GtoRemixed By Rod Layman For Rkl ProductionsRT - 10.03 BPM - 12404.Donna Summer 'I Feel Love' (DMC198)1977 GTORemixed By Dj ScizzorhandzRT - 6.57 BPM - 134DMC Donna Summer 5DMCDS5(Original 12"" Extendedmixes)01.Donna Summer 'I Feel Love'Patrick Cowley Full 12""1977 GTORemixed By Patrick CowleyRT - 15.50 BPM - 12502.Donna Summer 'Macarthur Park Suite' Ft:'Macarthur Park ''One Of A Kind''Heaven Knows''MacaRThur Park Reprise'Created By Giorgio Moroder & Pete Bellotti1987 MercuryRT - 17.45 BPM - 13103.Donna Summer & Barbara Streisand'No More Tears (Enough Is Enough)''Full Extended 12"" Mix'1979 CasablancaProduced & Remixed By Gary Klein, Giorgio Moroder, Harold FaltermeyerRT - 11.38 BPM13504.Donna Summer 'Love To Love You Baby''Full 12"" Mix'1976 GTOProduced & Mixed By Pete BellottiRT - 16.46BPM - 96"