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An Essential Collection Of Football Anthems & Speech Samples.

"England Anthems & Football Match Commentary


England Anthems

01 Baddiel Skinner & The Lightning Seeds '3 Lions'

02 England New Order 'World In Motion'

03 Fat Les 'Vin-Da-Lo'

04 England Supporters Band 'The Great Escape'

05 Bell & Spurling 'Sven, Sven, Sven'

06 Five 'Keep On Movin (World Cup 2002 Mix)'

07 DJ Top Draw 'Here We Go (Eng-ER-Land)'

08 World Cup Squad 1970 'Back Home'

09 Baddiel Skinner & The Lightning Seeds '3 Lions(Karaoke Version)'

10 Match Of The Day Theme

11 Collapsed Lung 'Eat My Goal'

12 Republica 'Ready To Go'

13 Sham 69 'If The Kids Are United'

14 Dario G 'Carnival'

15 Queen 'We Are The Champions'

16 Fat Les 'Jerusalem'

17 London Festival Orchestra 'Theme From The Great Escape'

18 London Festival Orchestra 'Colonel Bogey'

19 Philip Jones Brass Orchestra 'Theme From The Dambusters'

20 London Philharmonic Orchestra 'Land Of Hope And Glory'

21 BBC Concert Orchestra 'God Save The Queen' Speech & Samples

22 They Think Its All Over!

23 Hurst Has Hit The Bar!

24 Beckham Scores World Cup Qualification Goal

25 Michael Owen Scores

26 Owen Scores Again, Its 3-1 In Germany

27 Michael Owen Hat-Trick Against Germany. Its 4-1

28 Could It Be Five! Yes! 29 Listen To This. Germany 1 England 5!

30 Game Set And Match To England

31 Sven Applauds Another Goal By England

32 Fantastic Goal

33 Robbie Fowler Scores For England

34 David Beckham Scores From A Free Kick

35 Michael Owen Yet Again For England

36 Its A Goal For England

37 Thats A Fabulous Goal

38 Thats More Like It From England

39 Thats A Great Save

40 Its Only A Matter Of Time Before England Scores

41 The Crowd Cheer A Goal "