Commercial Collection 208 (CD)

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Commercial Collection 208 (2CD) May 2000.

"Tracklisting CD ONE 1. THE MAIN CONTENDERS CHART MIX Moloko 'The Time Is Now' Enriquez Inglasias 'Be With You' N 'n' G Feat. Kallighan 'Right Before My Eyes' Jennifer Lopez 'Feelin' So Good' Bloodhand Gang 'Bad Touch' Steven Gately 'New Beginnings' Jessica Simpson 'I Wanna Love You Forever' Precious 'Rewind' Vengaboys 'Sha La La La La' Steps 'Deeper Shade Of Blue' Geri Halliwell 'Bag It Up' Mixed by GUY GARRETT RT 21'40""BPM 126-135 2. 80'S CLASSIC FUNK MIX George Benson 'Give Me The Night' Mac Band 'Roses Are Red' George Benson 'Never Give Up On A Good Thing' Alexander O'Neal 'Criticize' Luther Vandross 'Never Too Much' Booker Newbury 111 'Love Town' Mixed by TOM NEWTON RT. 10'00"" BPM 117 3. EN VOGUE 'My Lovin' Remixed by DOMINIQUE TORTI (For DMC France) RT. 5'51"" BPM 102 4. JUMPIN' JIVE PARTY MIX The Tamperer Feat. Maya 'Feel It' Steps 'Tragedy' Tight Fit 'Back To The 60's Part 1' Tight Fit 'Back To The 60's Part 2' Tamperer Feat. Maya 'If You Buy This Record' Billy Ocean 'Love Really Hurts Without You' + Samples From:- R.Kelly 'She's Got That Vibe' Tight Fit 'The Lion Sleeps Tonight' Billy Ocean 'When The Going Gets Tough' Mixed by STEVE MOORE RT. 10'36"" BPM 125-139 5. UK GARAGE 1 Colour Girl 'Joyrider' Bump & Flex 'Got Myself Together' B15 Project 'Girls Like Us' Monie Love 'Slice Of Da Pie' Truesteppers 'Buggin' DJ Luck 'Masterblaster 2000' Ed Case 'Something In Your Eyes' Mixed by LES ADAMS RT 12'00"" BPM 130 6. RANK 1 VS EAST 57TH STREET (LIFE OF RILEY MIX) Mixed by JOHN RILEY Featuring:- Rank 1 'Airwave' East 57th Street 'Saturday' RT. 7'57"" BPM 132 7. SALT 'n' PEPA 'Push It' Copyright 1988 FFRR(FFR2) Remixed by Jadoo RT. 4'00"" BPM 128 CD TWO 1. '7 MAGAZINE' CLUB MIX Mirwais 'Disco Science' Basstoy 'Runnin' Lock 'n' Load 'Blow Ya Mind' System F 'Cry' Rank 1 'Airwave' The Conductor & The Cowboy 'Feeling This Way' Mixed by 7 SINNERS RT. 16'03""BPM 134-139 2. LOU BEGA MINIMIX Mambo No.5, I Got A Girl, Tricky Tricky. Mixed by TOM NEWTON RT. 4'00"" BPM 170 3. 90'S PIANO ANTHEMS PART 2 Adamski 'Killer' Living Joy 'Dreamer' CeCe Peniston 'Finally' Evolution 'Everybody Dance' Strike 'U Sure Do' K Klass 'Let Me Show You' N-Joi 'Anthem' Jinny 'Keep Warm' Mixed by GUY GARRETT RT. 16'01""BPM 128-131 4. COOL GROOVE COLLECTIVE Puff Daddy 'Satisfy You' TQ 'Bye Bye Bye' Daisy Hicks 'Don't Even Go There' Angie Stone 'My Life Story' Cyprus Hill 'Superstar' Glamma Kid 'Why' Q- Tip 'Breathe And Stop' Lauren Hill 'Doo Wop That Thing' Mary Mary 'Shackles (Praise You)' 98 Degrees 'The Hardest Thing' Jennifer Lopez 'Feelin' So Good' Donell Jones 'U Know What's Up' Mixed by Brian Butler RT 24.11 BPM 90- 102 5. HEATWAVE 'Boogie Nights' THIEVING HOODLUMS CLUB BOOGIE MIX Remixed by Thieving Hoodlums RT. 6'37"" BPM 130 6. 4 SPRUNG DER TECHNICS DJ CUT-UP Featuring:- Blank & Jones 'Cream' Lock 'n' Load 'Blow Ya Mind' Darude 'Sandstorm' Azzido Da Bass 'Dooms Night' Mashed And Creamed by REK DA GAFF RT. 6'06"" BPM 139 "