Club Class 8 (CD)

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DMC Back Catalogue CD From January 1998.

"Tracklisting 1. Novy & Eniak'Superstar' (Jason Nevins Peep Show Mix) 5'59"" Massive DMC Club Chart # 1! Dance Rap Floorfiller with man of the moment remixer Jason Nevins. 2. Da Mob Fe. Jocelyn Brown'Fun' (Booker T Club Mix) 5'52"" Booker T's awesome club vocal mix also been #1 in the DMC Club Chart. The business. 3. Kinane'Heaven' (Danny Tenaglia Club Mix) 7'00"" Kinane Vs Tenaglia = Top Slot. Watch this move, reaction will be enormous! 4. Andy Lamboy Feat. Michelle Weeks'The Inside' (Pleasure Upon Entry C & G Mix) 5'30"" Michelle Weeks returns with a very tasty vocal wrapped up in the classiest garage groove. 5. Hinda Hicks'You Think You Own Me' 7'00"" Follow-up to the hugely successful 'If You Want Me'. This is destined for simlar success. 6. Azure'Mama Used To Say' (Curtis & Moore Edit) 4'00"" The new Inferno Label on a roll with Juniors 'Mama...'. Currently stormin' Clubland, Watch-out! 7. Gravediggaz'Unexplained' (Natural Born Chillers mix) 5'27"" Gravediggaz Vs. Natural Born Chillers is one killer mix that deserves all your attention. 8. PM Dawn Feat. Ky-Mani'Gotta Be...Movin' On Up' 3'38"" PM Dawn return with a smooth as silk cut sampling Imagination's 'Illusion' to great effect. 9. Audioweb'Policeman Skank' (Original Mix) 4'30"" This, the excellent original mix, is C/W a Freestylers Mix that also kicks. 10. Family Stand'You Don't Have To Worry' 6'00"" Continuing the re-emergence of The Family Stand, This new cut is the a fine slice of R&B. 11. LCD'Zorba's Dance"" (Edit) 4'00"" Party Classic Poptastic Moment. An early summer smash in the making. For a club video call Virgin Records. 12. Third World'Now That We Found Love' DMC Mix (May 1993) 6'20"" Classic DMC Remix with West End on the knobs. 13. Eleanor Mills'Mr Right (Parkside Mix)' DMC Mix (April 1992) 8'30"" All-time Classic DMC mix by Graeme Park. "