DMC Producer Mixes – DAKEYNE Volume 2 - The House Megamixes (1 x cd) - November 2021 release

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DMC Producer Mixes – DAKEYNE  Volume 2 - The House Megamixes  (1 x cd)

Classic floorfilling House megamixes crafted especially for djs by legendary producer Paul Dakeyne.


  1. HOUSE 1987 (1)*


T-Coy ‘Carino’

Nitro Deluxe ‘Let’s Get Brutal (Brutal House)’

The Force (Jesse Saunders) ‘It’s OK’

Nitzer EBB ‘Join In The Chant’

Farm Boy ‘Jack Me Around’

Jack E Makossa ‘The Opera House’

Raze ‘Jack The Groove’

Wired ‘To The Beat Of The Drum’


  1. HOUSE 1987 (2)*


Hashim ‘Al-Naafyish’

Steve Silk Hurley ‘Jack Your Body’

Kenny Jammin’ Jason & Fast Eddie ‘Can U Dance’

Housemaster Boyz & The Rude Boy Of House ‘House Nation’

Bam Bam ‘Give It To Me’

  1. M. Silk‘I Can’t Turn Around’

Rhythim Is Rhythim aka Derrick May ‘Nude Photo’

Risque 111 ‘Essence Of A Dream’

Model 500 ‘Electric Entourage’

Denise Motto ‘I M N X T C (Jack Your Body To The Beat)’

Adonis ‘No Way Back’


Mixed And Remastered By DAKEYNE

  1. 21.06 BPM 121 to 127


  1. HOUSE 1988 (1)*


Royal House ‘Can You Party’

Black Riot ‘A Day In The Life’

Baby Ford ‘Oochy Koochy’

Jungle Brothers ‘I’ll House You’

Mr Fingers ‘Can You Feel It’

Wee Papa Girl Rappers Fe. 2 Men And A Drum Machine ‘Heat It Up’ (Kevin Saunderson Acid Mix)

Kevin Saunderson ‘The Sound’

Todd Terry Project ‘Bango (Back To The Batmobile)’

Inner City ‘Big Fun’

Raze ‘Break For Love’


  1. HOUSE 1988 (2)*


Kraze ‘The Party’

S’Express ‘Superfly Guy’

Brandon Cooke Fe. Roxanne Shante ‘Sharp As a Knife’ (Acid Attack)

Paul Rutherford ‘Get Real’

Nitzer EBB ‘Join In The Chant (Burn)’

D Mob ‘We Call It Acieed’

Todd Terry Pres. Swan Lake ‘In The Name Of Love’

Todd Terry Project ‘Weekend’

Mory Kante ‘Yeke Yeke’ (Afroacid Mix)

Jolly Roger ‘Acid Man’

Mr Lee ‘Let’s Get Busy (Pump It Up)’


Mixed And Remastered By DAKEYNE        RT. 21.55 BPM 121 to 129


  1. HOUSE 1990 (1)*


KLF ‘What Time Is Love’

Adamski ‘N-R-G’

E-Zee Possee Fe. MC Kinky ‘Everything Starts With An E’

Orbital ‘Chime’

Adamski Fe. Seal ‘Killer’

PKA ‘Let Me Hear You Say Yeah’

The Adventures Of Stevie V ‘Dirty Cash (Money Talks)’

Deee Lite ‘Groove Is In The Heart’

Shawn Christopher ‘Another Sleepless Night’

DNA ‘La Serenissima’

D Shake ‘Yaaah’


  1. HOUSE 1990 (2)*


Together ‘Hardcore Uproar’

Looney Tunes ‘Just As Long As I Got You’

Deskee ‘Let There Be House’

2 In A Room ‘Wiggle It’

Tricky Disco ‘Tricky Disco’


GTO ‘Pure (Energy)’

Eurythmics ‘Sweet Dreams (Are Made Of This)’

Dr Baker ‘Kaos’ (Baby Mix)

808 State ‘Cubik’

Mr Lee ‘Get Busy’

Gat Décor ‘Passion’ (XXXX Explicit Lyrics On This track)


Mixed And Remastered By DAKEYNE

  1. 22.26 BPM 120 to 127



Bump ‘I’m Rushin’’

D’Jaimin Fe. Crystal ‘Give You’

Richie Rich ‘Salsa House’

Double Dee Fe. Dany ‘Found Love’

Clivilles & Cole ‘A Deeper Love’

Wag Ya Tail ‘Xpand Ya Mind’

Havana ‘Schtoom’

The Grid ‘Figure Of 8’

Brothers Love Dubs ‘The Mighty Ming’

Aloof Fe. Ricado Nicolia ‘On A Mission’

Lil Louis ‘French Kiss’

Zone Ranger ‘Kaleidoscope Girl’

Digital Excitation ‘Pure Pleasure’

Zero B ‘Lock Up’

Toxic Two ‘Rave Generator’

Bizarre Inc ‘Playing With Knives’

Mixed And Remastered By DAKEYNE

  1. 11.58 BPM 121 to 129


* LEAVE ON CONTINUOUS FOR COMPLETE MIX Please Note : - Track IDs 1 to 6 are FIRST TIME ON CD or DIGITAL 320/WAV   All tracks remastered By DAKEYNE


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