DMC Commercial Collection 493 - Feb 2024 release

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DMC Commercial Collection 493

01. Bob Sinclar & Friends Mixed Up
Bob Sinclar Ft Steve Edwards ‘Together’
Bob Sinclar Ft Steve Edward ‘World Hold On’
Bob Sinclar Ft Fireball ‘What I Want’
Bob Sinclar Ft Shabba Ranks ‘Love You No More’
Bob Sinclar ‘Kiss My Eyes’
Bob Sinclar Ft Gary Pine ‘Love Generation’
Bob Sinclar Ft Pittbull, Dragonfly, Fatman Scoop ‘Rock The Boat’
Bob Sinclar Ft Sugarhill Gang ‘LaLa Song’
Bob Sinclar Ft Raffaella Carrà Far L’amore’
Bob Sinclar & Cute Bee Ft Gary Pine & Dollarman
‘Sound Of Freedom’
Bob Sinclar & Axwell Ft Ron Carroll ‘What A Wonderful World’
Bob Sinclar & Cutee B. Ft Dollarman/Big Ali/Makedah ‘Rock This Party’
Bob Sinclar Ft Farrell Lennon ‘Tennessee’
Mixed by Marco Oude Wolbers
RT. 14.40 BPM: 126 to 130

02. Everybody Dance Now Mix #06
Grace Jones ‘Slave To The Rhythm’ (Ollie D. House Mix)
Inner City ‘Big Fun’ (Full Intention ’88 Ext. Remix)
Moloko ‘Sing It Back’ (Boris Musical Mix)
Ultra Nate ‘Free’ (Te Moss & Daniel Shems Remix)
D.O.N.S. & DBN feat. Kadoc ‘The Night Train’ (Original Mix)
Daniel Hope feat. Paul King ‘Love & Pride’ (2005 Extended Mix)
Roxette ‘The Look’ (Rapino Club Mix) ℗1989 EMI
ATB ‘Killer’ (Killer 2000)
R.O.O.S. ‘Living In A Dream’ (Vocal Club Mix)
Usura ‘Open Your Mind’ (Fishpop Mix)
Sample: Mc Miker G ‘Show’m The Bass (Acapella)
Duke ‘So In Love’ (Ibiza Remix)
Mixed by Marco Oude Wolfers BPM 130 134

03. Jocelyn Brown ‘Somebody Else’s Guy’
(JFB & Fizzy Gillespie Somebody Else’s Nanny REMix)
Remixed by JFB & Fizzy Gillespie
RT. 4.12 BPM 175

04. Dutch Dance Classis Party Mix
Anita Meyer ‘Why Tell me Why’
Richenel ‘Dance Around the World’-(Drum loop)
Roberto Jacketti & The Scooters ‘I Save the Day’
Video Kids ‘Woodpeckers From Space’
Forrest ‘Rock the Boat’
King Bee ‘Must Bee the Music’
The Broads ‘Sing, Sing, Sing’
Fox The Fox ‘Precious Little Diamond’
Time Bandits ‘I’m Only Shooting Love’
Novo Band ‘Let’s Go Dancin’ ℗1984 Ariola
Mai Tai ‘History’
2 Brothers on the 4th Floor ‘Can’t Help My Self’
Spargo ‘You and Me’
Doris. D & The Pins ‘Shine On’
Centerfold ‘Dictator’
Tony Scot ‘Get into It
Forrest ‘Feel the Need’
Tatjana ‘Chica Cubana’
Digital Emotion ‘Get Up’
Risqué ‘Burn it Up’
Mixed by JD NoiZe & KwK (Mastered by D Druffel)
RT: 12.16 ‘ BPM 112 to 124

05. Sophie Ellis-Bextor Murder On The Dancefloor
(Rubber People Remix)
Remixed by Rubber People RT 5.07 BPM 125

06. Fascinated Energy Mash-Up
Joey Beltram ‘Energy Flash’
Company B ‘Fascinated’
J.M. Silk Ft. Steve “Silk” Hurley ‘Jack Your Body’
Zsa Zsa Laboum ‘Something Scary’Records
D-Mob Feat. Gary Haisman ‘We Call It Acieeed’-(vocal sample)
Mixed by JD NoiZe & KwK (Mastered by D Druffel)
RT. 4.09 BPM 125

07. Donna Summer Vs Green Velvet ‘I Feel Little Pills’
(Super Disco Club Rework)
Donna Summer ‘I Feel Love’
Green Velvet ‘Flash’
Remixed by Super Disco Club RT. 4.23 BPM 120

08. Sandra Megamix
Sandra ‘Maria Magdalena’
Sandra ‘Everlasting Love’
Sandra ‘Stop For A Minute’
Sandra ‘Heaven Can Wait’
Sandra ‘Secret Land’
Sandra ‘We’ll be Together’
Sandra ‘Around My Heart’
Sandra ‘In The Heat Of The Night’
Sandra ‘Sisters And Brothers’
Sandra ‘Innocent Love’
Mixed by Big K RT. 13.44 BPM 98-112

09. Kraftwerk ‘Trans Europe Express In The Mix’
Kraftwerk ‘Franz Schubert’
Kraftwerk ‘Endless Endless’
Kraftwerk ‘Europe Endless’
Kraftwerk ‘Metal On Metal’
‘Kraftwerk Trans Europe Express’
Kraftwerk ‘Abzug’
Mixed by Marco Oude Wolbers RT. 7.04 BPM 11

01. Zapp & Roger Megamix
Roger ‘(Everybody) Get Up
Zapp ‘Back To Bass-Iks’
Zapp ‘Funky Bounce’
Zapp ‘Come On’
Roger ‘You Should Be Mine’
Roger ‘Break Through’
Zapp ‘Dance Floor’
Zapp ‘More Bounce To The Ounce’
Zapp ‘A Touch Of Jazz
(Playin’ Kinda Ruff)’
Zapp ‘So Ruff, So Tuff’
Zapp ‘Fire’
Zapp ‘It Doesn’t Really Matter’
Mixed by Big K RT. 17.16 BPM 101-105

02. Rick Astley Megamix
Rick Astley ‘Don’t Say Goodbye’
Rick Astley ‘Take Me To Your Heart’ (The Dick Dastardly Mix)
Rick & Lisa ‘When You Gonna’ (7” Mix)
Rick Astley ‘My Arms Keep Missing You’
(The “Where’s Harry?”Remix)
Rick Astley ‘It Would Take A Strong, Strong Man’ (Matt’s Jazzy Guitar Mix)
Rick Astley ‘I Don’t Want To Lose Her’
Rick Astley ‘Till Then (Time StandsStill)’
Rick Astley ‘Together Forever’
Rick Astley ‘She Wants To Dance With Me’
Rick Astley ‘Whenever You Need Somebody‘
Rick Astley ‘Never Gonna Give You Up’
Mixed by Big K RT. 13.10 BPM 112

03. Gonna Make You Dance (80s & 90s Sweat Mix)’
C&C Music Factory ‘Gonna Make You Sweat (Everybody Dance Now)’
S.O.S. Band ‘Just Be Good To Me’
Beats International ‘Dub Be Good To Me’
Snow ‘Informer’
Monyaka ‘Go Deh Yaka’
Black Machine ‘How Gee’
Peter Jacques Band ‘Going Dancin’ Down The Street’
Sly & Robbie ‘Boops (Here To Go)’
Hi Power ‘The Cult Of Snap’
Liaisons Dangereuses ‘Los Niños Del Parque’
B.B. Jerome & The Bang Gang ‘Shock Rock’
Was (Not Was) ‘Walk The Dinosaur’
Sissy Penis Factory ‘Everybody Fuck Now’
This Is A Test (of the emergency broadcast system)-Sample
Frans Bauer ‘Heb Je Even Voor Mij’
Ab Normaal ‘Ach, Lik Toch Me Bolle Reet’
(Vocal Sample) Urbanus ‘1 2 3’ (Vocal Sample)
Robin S ‘Love For Love’
Mixed by JD NoiZe & KwK (Mastered by D Druffel)
RT. 8.08 BPM 115 to 118

04. Barbie Girl vs Earth, Wind & Fire
Aqua ‘Barbie Girl’
Earth, Wind & Fire ‘September’
Mixed by Mixcoast
RT. 4.48 BPM 124

05. Marco’ Italo Summer Mix
Big Tony ‘Can’t Get Enough Of Your Love’
Betty Miranda ‘Take Me To The Top’
Silver Pozzoli ‘Around My Dream’
Miko Mission ‘How Old Are You’
Scotch ‘Disco Band’
Miko Mission ‘The World Is You’
Eddy Huntington ‘U.S.S.R.
Valerie Dore ‘The Night’
Baltimora ‘Tarzan Boy’
Bruce & Bongo ‘Geil’
Modern Talking ‘Brother Louis’
Mixed by Marco Oude Wolbers
RT. 15.29 BPM 109-116

07. YELLO ‘The Slow Down Mix’
Yello ‘Goldrush’
Yello ‘Dr Van Steiner’
Yello ‘Lost Again’
Yello ‘Rubberbandman’
Mixed by Marco Oude Wolbers
RT. 5.39 BPM 104 – 09