The Best Of DMC... Bootlegs, Cut-Ups And Two Trackers Vol 7

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Selection Of DMC's Best Cuts Volume 7.

"Tracklisting 1. LIONEL RICHIE 'ALL NIGHT LONG'P.1983 Tamla MotownRemixed By HUSTLERS CONVENTIONRT. 6.22 - BPM 1302. RUFUS & CHAKA KHAN 'AIN'T NOBODY'P.1984 Warner BrothersRemixed By SANNY XRT. 7.02 - BPM 1043. ""THE TROUBLE WITH PRAYERS"" (TWO TRACKER)Madonna 'Like A Prayer' P.1989 SireBlack Legend The Trouble With Me' P.2000 EternalMixed By MIKE GREAVESRT. 5.46 - BPM 1304. INXS 'NEED YOU TONIGHT'P.1988 MercuryRemixed By BEN LIEBRANDRT. 7.30 - BPM 1075. VAN HALEN 'JUMP'P.1984 Warner BrothersRemixed By DAKEYNERT. 5.19 - BPM 1296. TAMPERER VS MADONNA (Two Tracker)The Tamperer Fe. Maya 'If You Buy This Record Your Life Will Be Better' P.1998 JiveMadonna 'Material Girl' P.1985 SireMixed By TOM NEWTONRT. 7.27 - BPM 1377. PRINCE 'WHEN DOVES CRY'P.1984 Paisley ParkRemixed By DAKEYNERT. 5.42 - BPM 1228. ""FRANKIE GETS HARD"" (Two Tracker)Frankie Goes To Hollywood 'Relax' P.1983 ZTTHardrox 'Feel The Hardrox' P.2007 DataMixed By GUY GARRETTRT. 5.34 - BPM 1309. TINA TURNER 'THE BEST' (DJ CUT-UP)P.1989 CapitolMixed By MARK JASONRT. 4.52 - BPM 12610. CYNDI LAUPER Vs IDA CORR Vs FEDDE LE GRANDCyndi Lauper 'Girls Just Wanna Have Fun' P.1984 EpicIda Corr Vs Fedde Le Grand 'Let Me Think About It' P.2007 DataMixed By ROD LAYMANRT. 5.29 - BPM 12211.DEAD OR ALIVE 'YOU SPIN ME ROUND (LIKE A RECORD)'P.1984 EpicRemixed By MO & SKINNYRT. 6.25 - BPM 13812. SPANDAU BALLET 'LIFELINE'P.1982 ChrysalisRemixed By SAGITARRERT. 6.10 - BPM 14013. ""PUSH & PULL"" (Two Tracker)Salt N Pepa 'Push It' P.1988 FFRRJack Rokka Fe. Betty Boo 'Take Off' P.2007 GustoMixed By JAMES OF THE BOOGIE BROTHERSRT. 5.29 - BPM 126"