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The life and times of a Radio Luxembourg DJ and the boy in the Eastern Bloc who couldn’t live without it.
A double autobiography from both sides of the Iron Curtain.
This is the story of the communist effect on the teenagers and musicians in Czechoslovakia, set against the remarkable career of Tony Prince, a DJ who rocked the boat, met Elvis Presley, sang with Paul McCartney and Ringo Starr, toured with the Osmonds and partied with Led Zeppelin.
Tony became the only DJ to perform inside the Iron Curtain not long after the Russian invasion of Czechoslovakia which is where the authors first met. This is the story of the daddy of all radio stations and the DJs who entertained an estimated 100 million trans-european listeners every night!

Added 15 March 2022 The double autobiography Jan Sestak and I wrote was self-published for a reason. Not a DJ's ego trip but rather because my knowledge of what Jan and his young friends endured during the Russian invasion of Czechoslovakia was a true story we wanted to reveal. I was the only DJ to visit and perform in three cities during the 60's when I learned what the people were enduring. The suffering, the dangers, the big brother machine active in what is now the Czech Republic, was intended to attract people who, in reading my tales from the West, the influence of pop music, pirate radio and Radio Luxembourg, would also describe how intolerable life was like beneath the Red Shadow.

Many East European friends have applauded our revelations and seeing what is now transpiring, it's relevance seems even more vivid.

The Royal Ruler & the Railway DJ was written to reveal Jan's life placed in a juxtaposition with kids in the west having the times of their lives.

The hardback cover price is £25.00 of which 50% after postage will be donated to the British Red Cross in aid of Ukraine.

An unusual and richly rewarding book
Record Collector

Bizarrely compelling

The music industry’s best possible anecdotes
OX magazine

You have to own this book
Todd Slaughter (Elvis Presley Fan Club)

An utterly outstanding piece of work
Anthony Currie (broadcaster)

I couldn’t put the book down, didn’t want it to end!
David A. Hogan (WSKY NC USA DJ)

This book will make a fantastic film
Keith Wishart, Marlow FM.

“I consider Tony Prince to be one of Britain’s leading DJ’s of all time”
Alan Keen, (Managing Director of Radio Luxembourg and
Programme Director of Radio London the legendary pirate ship.

“Tony Prince is a pioneering DJ who helped take the electronic world to the next level with the birth of MixMag and DMC”.
Paul Oakenfold DJ