BACK TO MINE - JUNGLE - Vinyl - 2 Discs - Released 18 October 2019

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BACK TO MINE - JUNGLE - Vinyl - 2 Discs - Released 18 October 2019

Jungle take the reins for an after hours Back To Mine session that delves through the band’s personal collection of leftfield-pop, deep house, modern jazz, Afro-funk and symphonic soul. It’s the band’s first commercially available mix compilation. “When asked what genre of music we like or create we always answer explaining that we try to not hear music in genre but more in sonic and emotion, and if it feels good then it is good. By that merit, we have conjured a list of far-reaching tracks and brought them together to sit harmoniously on this Back to Mine mix. Put together mostly in the confines of our London based garden studio, where many a late night gathering has taken place, the mix makes it way through psych, Afro-beat, house and soul with some of our favourite tracks of the moment. Have fun and enjoy.” - Jungle



Vinyl Tracklist

 Disc 1.

A1. Barbara Moore - Steam Heat

A2. Inflo - No Fear

A3. Merle - Fannie Likes 2 Dance

A4. Manuel Darquart - Birds of Paradiso


B1. Drumtalk - Red Haze

B2. Admin - Space Cadet

B3. Mocky - How It Goes

B4. The Marías – Cariño


Disc 2.

C1. Sly5thAve - Super Rich Kids

C2. Kamaal Williams - High Roller

C3. Sam Evian - Next To You

C4. BadBadNotGood featuring Kaytranada - Lavender

C5. Jungle - Come Back A Different Day


D1. Mansur Brown - Shiroi

D2. The Flying Stars of Brooklyn NY - Live On

D3. Sault - Masterpiece

D4. Paul Cherry - Like Yesterday

D5. HNNY - Sunday


“Everyone knows that feeling when you’re walking down the street listening to music when a certain track comes on and you start to walk differently” smiles Josh Lloyd-Watson as we lounge inside the Jungle tour bus ahead of their show at the legendary Sziget Festival in Budapest. “That’s one of the elements we try to create when we make our music, it’s our way of transporting you into your own little film. Just for a moment.”

by Dan Prince