Essential Club Hits 47

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Essential Club Hits Single CD July 2010.

"Club Hits 47 features 11 of the most upfront massive club tracks that will be hitting the scene in the coming months. Including artists such as Delphic, Moby, The Chemical Brothers, WeLove90 Vs Livin Joy, Skreatch Fe. John Green and many more!! Make sure you get your copy in today and remember where you heard them first!Tracklisting 01. Nari & Milani & Cristian Marchi Fe Luciana'I Got My Eye On You' (Chuckie Remix)(BPM 129 - RT.6.25)02. Skreatch Fe John Green 'Roxanne's Lullaby' (Original 12) (BPM 128 - RT.6.06)03. WeLove90 Vs Livin Joy'Don't Stop Movin 2010' (Billions Dollars Dogs Remix) (BPM 125 - RT.6.49)04. Martin Accorsi Fe Sarah Kuhne 'Soul Jack' (Original 12) (BPM 126 - RT.6.41)05. LA Moon 'A Higher Place' (Bitrocka Remix)(BPM 128 - RT.6.51)06. Cassius 'Cassius 99' (Reset! Remix) (BPM 130 - RT.5.43)07. DJ Cal Vs HJM 'Girls Don't Like Electronic Music 2010' (Morgan & Bland Remix) (BPM 128 - RT.6.51)08. Moby 'Jltf' (Chuckie Remix) (BPM 128 - RT.5.36)09. The Chemical Brothers 'Escape Velocity' (Original Mix) (BPM 140 - RT.12.01)10. Paul Jackson 'Drum & Bass' (Original 12) (BPM 124 - RT.7.37)11. Delphic 'Counterpoint' (Doorly Remix) (BPM 134 - RT.6.21)"